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Welcome to Wiss Music Productions, a creative production facility devoted to your music. Our services include recording, mixing, mastering and re-amping, as well as custom produced music for television and commercials. Thanks to our broad experience of working on everything from local indie-projects to artists on international labels, we always feel confident to offer exactly what you need to reach the next level. Below are a few examples of clients we’ve had the privilege to work with.


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Had a total BLAST 🔥🔥🔥 producing one of Eclipse Records's latest signings Through The Noise's new album "Dualism". Here's the lyric vid for their first single Digital Playground off of the album due 12th of April.

Also, a Spotify link which is a bit kinder to the audio quality.


A while back this man in pyjamas (Andrée Theander) and I profiled a Marshall JVM (and a bunch of other amps) to use in production with progressive fusion project Cap Outrun. Here's a solo snippet from one of our songs.

The playing is almost in the same league as the jammies. 🔥

Happy international soundcheck day! 1212.

Lately I’ve had the opportunity to work on an exciting variation of projects from live gig with Creye and music video recording with Gathering Of Kings to mastering work for Brick Wall Studio and Ceremoni, and on top of that an album mix with melodic death metal act To Dust. Soon to be finished is an epic 80’s project all the way from Mexico! 🤟

The Creye album was released worldwide on October 12th and has sold well in its first month. This particular list is from the US distribution company NehRecords. Congrats as well to @Shawn Charvette and the guys in Midnite City whom I had the pleasure to meet with at Rockingham a few weeks back.

På besök i Lidköpings, och kanske rentav mellansveriges, mysigaste studio. Mauritz Petersson har snickrat ihop Brick Wall Studio med bravur helt på egen hand och det är en abundans av själ och inspiration som slår emot en när man kommer in genom dörren. Vill du ge liv åt dina artistdrömmar är det här definitivt ett ställe att hålla koll på. Hoppas på fler besök här framöver.

Can't wait for these boys to reach Stockholm tonight so we can celebrate. 🎉🎈

Creye is playing live tomorrow at Fryshuet @ Frontiers Rock Sweden | Stockholm 13 oktober along with a bunch of other great bands - don't miss this if you're into melodic rock/AOR!

Listen to the full album now at Spotify:

Have a nice Friday!


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Erik Wiss
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