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Welcome to Wiss Music Productions, a creative production facility devoted to your music. Our services include recording, mixing, mastering and re-amping, as well as custom produced music for television and commercials. Thanks to our broad experience of working on everything from local indie-projects to artists on international labels, we always feel confident to offer exactly what you need to reach the next level. Below are a few examples of clients we’ve had the privilege to work with.


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Helgen har spenderats i mixposition tillsammans med delar ur team Creye. Gullstrand har tjyvfilmat lite. 🎥🤟

Eleine's second single off their forthcoming album is released today!

Have a listen - and a wonderful weekend 🤟

It has been unusually quiet from WMP lately, which usually means there has been an unusual lot to do.

Eleine's new album was finished a couple of weeks ago. Turned out really cool - dark and huge!

For the last 4 weekends Robin Jidhed has been in the studio recording vocals for Creye's upcoming album which is turning out like an 80's time machine. Keep your eyes and ears open for this one!

London based MALIN ANDERSSON is soon releasing her fantastic new album, produced and mixed @ Vintage Loft Studio, that I've had the pleasure of mastering.

Xhelili put out a music video of our latest co-lab that you can watch here:
Hit like on his page when you're at it!

I got the opportunity to record some keyboards for super group Gathering Of Kings. I think the first song is off to Plec for mixing at the moment, which means it is going to slay.

My, and Andrée Theander's son Carl Tudén has honored the new Cap Outrun-album with some juicy percussion, moving the project one step closer to the finish line.

And finally, the latest band to enter the studio is Lund-based Reach the Order that is recording a couple of well written tunes, more on the darker side. This is a pic from yesterday's guitar session.

Lot's of love in this post, and I assure you I mean it. I'm super spoiled getting to work with you all. ❤️🐳

Kan inte riktigt greppa att mer än 10 miljoner har lyssnat till mina små anspråkslösa pianotoner. Man får tacka det viktiga budskapet.

Tiden går fort när man har roligt. 🙂 Tack hörrni! Ceremoni.

Mr. Gullstrand and Mr. Wissard have entered pre-production mode! Turn your reverbs up and hold on to your hats. #CREYE2018

Finally released! Have a look and a listen to Eleine's new single Hell Moon. 💥🥊🎸Mixed by me, mastered by Plec @ The Panic Room!


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Erik Wiss
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